The Entreprenuer

About Malluda:

The name Malluda is derived from the Hebrew term Adullam. It represents a dwelling place; a safe harbor. We are a full service entertainment production company. Malluda is best known for our expertise in music genome; providing artist showcases, live performances, celebrity endorsements, artist bookings, event planning, and fundraising initiatives. Malluda works in twofold: we cater to both our internal and external sources. From the internal source, Malluda is comprised of a group of passionate, creative, and artistic individuals; allowing artist the freedom to dwell in a harbor of known comfort. Fueling positive energy from one artist to the next then provides a valuable service to what is known as our external sources. The external sources is ultimately our clients, sponsors, investors, affiliates, and recipients (public) in whom would benefit from the product and services being rendered.

Company Mission:

Malluda Productions is committed to helping its clients and local communities, create, develop, implement thoughts into ideas, and ideas into realities. Through a variety of artistry methods which enhances one's ability to achieve a greater success. Malluda strives to create as many paved avenues with a Win-Win opportunity for all. Sharing and teaching the importance of giving back and building up. is one of Malluda attributes.

Company Goal:

Malluda Productions goal is to reach every segment within its target market providing each with an opportunity to engage the Malluda experience. Creating buzz and positive synergy amongst its clients, sponsors, and partners alike, and enabling each with the same level of confidence in the products and services delivered by Malluda Productions. Upon timely delivery of its products and services, Malluda ensures that its clients' needs will be fulfilled to their liking.

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